Lesson Rates & Services
  1. English/Western Lessons

    $60 Evaluation First Lesson $50/1 Hour Lesson $35/Rider Semi-Private/1 Hour Lesson for 2 Riders For Students who can tack up their own horses please be tacked up ready to go. Recommend warming up 15 mins before start of lesson. Beginner Lessons include learning about horse handling, grooming & tacking up and are included in lesson time.

  2. Show Services

    Horse Trainer At Show Services $75 For Day Assistant contracted trainer services available for when there are 3 or more clients for another $75/day fee (clients will be billed separately by DBA Renee Cohen) Horse Transportation Services: $1.75 Per Mile $75 Minimum Trainer Fees & Transportation can be devided among clients.

  3. Training

    $50 Per Session All sessions are 1 hour long if you are not available to groom, tack & un-tack your horse. The work session with horse will be limited to a 1/2 hour.

  4. Package Rates

    Package rates are not available for off farm lessons. Private Lesson Package $180 for 4 One Hr Lessons ($45/Weekly Lesson) Semi-Private Lessons $120 For 4 Shared Lessons ($30/Rider For Weekly Lesson)